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    "New future, visionary."
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    Letter from Creative director, Younchan Chung.

  • The-sirius is a brand which suggests a new future.

    Started in 2015, we’re based in Seoul, Korea and focusing on European-market
    as a new designer brand currently receiving the most attention in the fashion industry.

    Through the brand principle of “New future, visionary”, we’re going to suggest a contemporaneous
    and novel future-vision. With the pioneer’s vision, we desire to include modern image, luxurious
    refined sense every season. The brand displays collections that stand out the polished beauty of
    practicality with constructive details completed through architectural interpretation.

    The-sirius responses to the present age and intends to suggest a new concept
    which can make the innovation with tradition coexist.
    We set to suggest a new future where space, architecture and human can coexist
    with the youthful mentality and vision.
    There’ll be clothes, furniture, lighting and space organization perfectly and beautifully placed inside.

    KR 더 시리우스는 새로운 미래를 제안하는 브랜드입니다.
    2015년을 시작으로 한국-서울을 기반으로, 유럽시장을 주 무대로 삼아 활동중이며,
    현재 패션계에서 가장 주목받고 있는 신예 디자이너 브랜드입니다.

    “New future, visionary.” 라는 브랜드 이념을 통해, 동시대적이며 동시에 새로운 미래상을 제안하고자 합니다.
    선구자적인 시각으로 매 시즌 현대적인 이미지와 고급스럽고 세련된 감각을 담고자 하며,
    구성주의적 디테일을 담고 건축적인 해석을 통해 완성된 세련된 실용미가 돋보이는 콜렉션을 선보이는 브랜드입니다.

    더 시리우스는 현시대에 반응하며 혁신과 전통을 공존시킬수 있는 새로운 컨셉을 제안하고자 합니다.
    젊은 방식과 시각, 손길로 공간과 건축 그리고 사람이 모두 공존하는 새로운 미래를 제시하고자 하며,
    그 속에는 옷과 가구 조명, 공간구성 등 모든것이 완벽하고 아름답게 배치되어 있을 것입니다.

  • Letter from Younchan Chung.

    I always look for new things.

    The exploration and investigation on new and beautiful thing,
    which has been ongoing since I was young,
    newly began as “the-sirius” in Brand-project (2013)
    in which i studied when i was at SADI.

    At the Graduation fashion show (2014)
    I presented my first collection (Movement Timeless) and
    I began preparing to make it an official brand in september 2015.

    After the intensive and persistent preparatory period,
    Finally I’m going to pull off the official global launch of ‘the-sirius’
    at the Fall/Winter collection of 2016.

    The-sirius is a brand that reflects my taste and choices.
    “Modernity with Futurism” , “Geometric” , “Constructivisim” and
    “Utilitarian with extraordinary details” are eternal principle and character of the-sirius.

    With the brand ideology of “New future, visionary.”

    I’m going to present wearable collections with modern,
    precise and delicate construction and detail every season,
    mainly targeting young people in their 20s to 20s,
    who have refined senses, with pioneering vision that has
    beautiful and new image of future and luxury of youthful sense.

    Serious, sirius.

    From. Younchan Chung.
    Introducing at

    i-D, Wallpaper, Vogue US, Vogue Italia, L’uomo Vogue, GQ Italia, Vanity Fair Italia, Interview Magazine US, Dazed Korea, W Korea, ELLE Korea, Ceci Korea, Marie Claire Korea, Nylon Korea, WGSN, WWD, Fucking young, Deux Hommes and more

    2017 International Fashion Showcase / Presented by British Fashion Council, Somerset House
    2016 The Latest Fashion Buzz - Pitti Uomo90 / Presented by GQ Italia, Vogue Italia, Selected by Lagente
    2015 H&M Design Awards - 24 Selected Designers
    2014 Ceci Joongang Fashion Contest - First Prize
    2014 Samsung Art and Design Institute 18th Critics Awards - Jury Awards, YKK Awards, CY CHOI Awards, Design Creative Awards